Bethlehem: 1,200 security officers and policemen covering emergency state

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Director General of the Bethlehem Governorate Police, Colonel Tariq Al-Hajj in an interview with PNN said that 1,200 security officers and policemen were working on implementing the emergency plan in Bethlehem Governorate due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Colonel Al-Hajj said that the security officers were implementing the plan drawn up by the Committee to confront a Coronavirus and the state of emergency declared by the government and the Ministry of Health, where they provide home quarantine measures, road protection, and controlling the city entrances.

The colonel added that the situation that Bethlehem is going through is not an abnormal phase, and therefore the government was forced to declare a state of emergency in accordance with the Palestinian law to protect the country in light of the rise of injuries to 26 injuries, which requires us to take new measures by decisions of the Governor of the Committee Chairman About facing Corona virus.

He explained that the security personnel were deployed in several locations, including hotels where citizens are confined to, in addition to the quarantine centers and the treatment of those infected with the virus that opened in Bethlehem and the patrols at the entrances of the cities, and we are in a continuous emergency this is in addition to the fact that the security forces support the medical teams that work at the front where security helps To reinforce the efforts of these crews, who are exposed to the possibility of infection with the virus with security personnel, but they all do so in order to provide service to citizens and protect the province and its citizens.