Israel holds third elections in one year

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli Knesset elections are taking place for the third round this year, the main competition being between Likud’s Netanyahu, and Blue and White’s former army chief Benny Gantz.

Netanyahu told Channel 12 that Gantz was “not fit” to be prime minister. “He is weak; he’s not a leader,” he said. Gantz said in another interview that his opponent was acting as if he was part of a mafia.

Netanyahu, the longest-serving premier in Israel,  is facing a  criminal corruption trial, while Gantz has focused his campaign on Netanyahu’s corruption and anti-democratic moves.

Ahead of the elections, Netanyahu vowed to annex illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank if he was elected,  with the help of the US president, Donald Trump, and his deal of the century.

In preparation for election day, the Israeli military closed crossings with the occupied West Bank, where more than 2.5 million Palestinians live under Israeli rule but cannot vote, and Gaza, where 2 million more live under a blockade.

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