PNN meets with German delegation to discuss Independent Media in Palestine

PNN/ Ramallah/

PNN journalists on Saturday met with a German Delegation visiting Ramallah, to talk about several issues in Palestine, most importantly the independent media, community journalism and civic education.

The delegation, which consisted of Journalists, teachers and mayors, was visiting different parts of Palestine and getting to learn more about it closely.

During the meeting, which was held in the Red Crescent building in Ramallah, editor of PNN English, Nour Qudeimat gave a presentation introducing PNN and its work, including community journalism and ways to support the independent media in Palestine.

Meanwhile, PNN Editor in Chief, Monjed Jadou, talked about the difficulties that Palestinian journalists face while working on the ground, including Israeli attacks, freedoms violations and movement restrictions.

In addition, Jadou cited examples of media violations, including Moath Amarneh, who lost his eye while covering the clashes in Hebron.

The meeting ended with questions from the attendees, regarding issues covered in the media and techniques to support its work.