Israel set to build 1,000 settlement units in Jerusalem

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Housing are expected to endorse the settlement expansion plan in occupied Jerusalem, announced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday.

Today, Sunday, Israeli public radio reported that the construction of 1,000 settlement units in the area where the settlement of Givat Hamatos will be established will be approved within the framework of a plan to build 5,200 new housing units in occupied Jerusalem, including 3,000 units in Givat Hamtos and 2,200 units in the Har Homa settlement.

Israeli radio reported that the approval comes despite the condemnation of the European Union, especially by Germany and France, following Netanyahu’s statements on the subject.

In addition to government approval, it is expected that the occupation municipality in Jerusalem, within the coming days, will publish tenders for building 1,000 settlement units in the “Givat Hamatos” area near Beit Safafa in southern Jerusalem.

Also, the settlement plan targets the Jerusalem Airport (Qalandia), in the north of occupied Jerusalem, and turning it into a new and large settlement by expanding the “Atarot” settlement.

There is talk of tenders for settlement expansion over the so-called “state lands”, which are practically lands expropriated from the Palestinians, where the occupation municipality placed the hand on it.

The new settlement units will be built over large areas of land in which settlement construction was frozen in 2014, due to the American and German opposition at the time to settlement expansion in the region.

Israeli radio quoted a senior source in the Jerusalem municipality as saying that “the difference between the approval of the construction that was frozen in the year 2014, and the approval this time, is that there are tenders that will be announced and implemented in the coming days.”

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