Israel to build 9,000 settlement units north of Jerusalem

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Israeli “Peace Now” movement said that Israel has prepared a huge plan to build 9,000 settlement units on the lands of the abandoned Jerusalem International Airport (Qalandia) north of Jerusalem.

“Haaretz” newspaper stated that “the project was started ten days ago, and that will be built on the Qalandia airport lands and will reach the apartheid wall, so that the wall separates the new settlement neighborhood and Palestinian areas in the vicinity of Jerusalem, such as Kafr Aqab.

The project will be built on about 1,200 acres and will include settlement housing units in addition to commercial centers with an area of ​​300,000 square meters, and 45,000 square meters will be allocated as “operating areas”, a hotel, water tanks and other installations.

Following Trump’s announcement of the “Deal of the Century” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he will put forward a project to impose “Israeli sovereignty” on settlements in the West Bank for the approval of the government after the elections scheduled for the second of next March, according to Haaretz  Hebrew newspaper.

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