IOF close down “Volunteer for Hope” Jerusalem

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Israeli occupation authorities closed, on Monday afternoon, the “Volunteer for Hope Jerusalem” association, in the town of Beit Hanina, north of Jerusalem.

Members of the intelligence and occupation forces stormed the association’s headquarters after besieging them, then deployed in them and started a search of files and rooms, and seized 3 computers and mobile phones from the association’s director, Sylvia Abu Laban.

The occupiers closed the association, and took Sylvia to her house in the Wadi al-Jouz neighborhood in the city, and also searched and vandalised some of its contents. The occupiers handed over Sylvia for interrogation that evening.

The “Volunteer for Hope Jerusalem” association was opened two years ago, and it provides various services to youth, children, women, people with special needs, marginalized families and those in distress, and also focused in its projects on developing and building the skills and leadership capabilities of the targeted groups in the association, In addition to organizing summer and winter camps, organizing trips, holding language courses, improvement lessons and film-making courses. Israeli occupation squads frequently try to destroy any groups working for the oppressed people of Palestine. Fortunately there are no reports of Sylvia being tortured.

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