Jordan Valley: IOF confiscate barracks, order eviction of 15 facilities & close water holes 

PNN/ Jordan Valley/

On Monday morning, Israeli occupation forces closed water holes in Khirbet Allan in Al-Jiftlik village in the northern Jordan Valley.

Activist Aref Daraghmeh stated that a force from the occupation army and the so-called “Civil Administration” raided the area and closed water holes, explaining that the occupation is marketing false arguments for closing water holes by alleging that these holes are illegal.

Daraghmeh stressed that this was part of the displacement war that the occupation is waging against the Palestinian citizen in the Jordan Valley.

Daraghmeh pointed out that the water war is the fiercest, as it deprives the Palestinian of his right to its underground water which is stolen by the occupation and provides it for free to the settlers.

In the same context, the military occupation mechanisms demolished a residential compound and confiscated its contents in the Tel Al-Samadi area in Al-Jiftlik, and notified the evacuation of more than 15 facilities.

Human rights sources explained that the notifications bear the evacuation of houses from an ancient area in the Jordan Valley.

And human rights sources pointed out that the policy of notifications was adopted by the occupation during the current year as a new policy to displace the population and expel them from their areas of residence.

Jurists called for international and domestic human and human rights institutions to protect the population and their property from the oppression and arrogance of the occupation.