Israel bans export of Palestinian products through Jordan

PNN/ Jerusalem/

As of today, the export of Palestinian products via Jordan to foreign markets is banned by Israeli occupation authorities.

This was announced by the Minister of Agriculture, Riyad Al-Atari, where he said that the Israeli side officially informed all exporters and the competent authorities that, as of Sunday morning, the export of Palestinian goods through Jordan to foreign markets would be banned.

In an interview with the official Voice of Palestine Radio, Al-Atari said that this step comes within the pressure attempts to force the government to withdraw from its recent decisions, especially the issue of preventing the import of calves and the decision to prevent a number of Israeli agricultural and non-agricultural goods from entering the Palestinian markets in general .

Al-Atari added that “everyone is fully aware that we are living in a critical political stage and that there are negative effects that will follow on the Israeli measures, but these negative consequences will also affect the Israeli economy.”

The Israeli miniter of army, Naftali Bennett, had issued a decision prohibiting the export of Palestinian agricultural products to Jordan, starting from today, Sunday.

The Hebrew newspaper “Haaretz” quoted the Israeli coordinator as saying that the instructions stipulate the ban on the export of Palestinian agricultural products through the Karama crossing, starting from Sunday until another notice.

The newspaper said that the aforementioned decision joins a previous decision to prevent the entry of agricultural products into “Israel” in response to the Palestinian Authority’s boycott of Israeli calves for months.

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