Netanyahu to postpone Israeli annexation of West Bank settlements

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he will put forward a project to impose “Israeli sovereignty” on settlements in the West Bank for the approval of the government after the elections scheduled for the second of next March, according to Haaretz  Hebrew newspaper .

Netanyahu noted that “the decision to impose sovereignty on areas in the West Bank has been postponed indefinitely.”

Commenting on the announcement of the American “Deal of the Century”, Netanyahu said, “Likud will not allow this great opportunity to be lost. We sought to complete it and we are here to translate it on the ground, but to secure it, and to secure the borders of Israel, to secure the future of Israel, to all Likud supporters participating in the elections. And go out to vote. ”

In a related context, sources from Netanyahu’s Likud party said that the party was considering obtaining the government’s approval of the entire American century deal, and not only on the move to annex settlements in the West Bank, before the  Knesset elections.

The sources added that “this approach was aimed at stopping the American administration’s opposition to the implementation of the Israeli government’s move to annex the settlements before the upcoming Israeli elections,” noting that “implementing this step will stop the American opposition from immediate unilateral annexation steps, since the talk is not only about the government’s approval of The annexation of settlements, but rather the entire plan.”

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