Report: Netanyahu plans to extend Israeli sovereignty over Jordan Valley & settlements

By: Madeeha Araj/ NBPRS/

The National Bureau for defending land and resisting settlements stated in its latest weekly report , that over the last decade, Arabs and international community have done their utmost to help reaching a just and lasting peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis under the UNs’ resolutions, international law and bilateral agreements.  Moreover, they supported a two states solution, where a Palestinian and an Israeli state can live side by side in peace and security within recognized borders, and they rejected the recently announced Trump’s unjust “deal of the century, at a joint press conference with PM Benjamin Netanyahu last Tuesday at the White House, upon which the far-right Israel parties have started to implement the plan, which undoubtedly was orchestrated by Gerald Kouchner, Jason Graybnblatt and Ambassador, David Friedman.

According to the Zio-American settlement plan, the only benefited is Israel, security, settlement land and recognized borders as well as the Israeli enclaves inside the Palestinian territories that become part of the State of Israel, and the Jordan Valley will be under Israeli sovereignty, and about 97% settlers in the West Bank will be added part to Israel.

Thus, the Deal of the Century calls for the establishment of a false Palestinian state without any geographical connection among the towns and cities except through bridges and tunnels, and it will not have any direct borders with the neighboring countries, and turning the Palestinian areas in the West Bank into “large prisons.”

According to “Yediot Aharonot” Israeli newspaper, the Israeli government will not use the term “annexation,” but “imposing Israeli law,” given that these lands are not affiliated to a country, such as the Golan Heights, which was annexed because it was affiliated to a state. The statements issued by officials at the Trump’s administration, and Netanyahu’s government showed that a joint committee was formed to implement the plan by the Israeli government in the West Bank, and to match it with the maps presented in the “Deal of the Century.” For his part, the American ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, assured American Jewish evangelical leaders that the Palestinians will not get a state soon even if they accept the “deal of the century”.

Moreover, the Minister of Security in the Israeli Occupation Government, Naftali Bennett announced the formation of a crew to work immediately on imposing the Israeli sovereignty over Israeli settlements in the West Bank. In a speech before the National Security Research Center conference in Tel Aviv, Bennett said, “Our full support to Prime Minister Natenyahu.” He also affirmed that Israel would not allow the establishment of a Palestinian state under any circumstances, and it will not give a single inch of land, and we will only accept the “deal of the century” if it includes annexing lands from the West Bank to the state of Israel.

For her part, Ayelet Shaked called to enact a law for annexing the lands of the West Bank lands and the Jordan Valley as well as the Area C lands without residents in order to prevent the establishment of any Palestinian entity anywhere. On the other hand, the head of the “Israel Beiton,” Avigdor Lieberman, called for submitting a private draft law to the Knesset in the next few days to annex the Jordan Valley.

On the Other hand, settlement projects, demolitions and ethnic cleansing continued as well as construction work at St. 60 i.e.  (Tunnels Road) is also taking place to link Jerusalem to the southern settlements at the expense of Palestinian citizens’ land in Beit Jala. At the same time, the Israeli occupation authorities issued a decision to seize agricultural lands to expand a structural plan for the “Asfar settlement”, which is adjacent to the towns of Sa’ir and Al-Shiyoukh villages north of Hebron, and adjacent to the villages of Rashaideh, Minya, Kisan, east of Bethlehem, and Beit Fajjar to the south.

In Nablus, settlers uprooted seedlings in the town of Sebastia less than 24 hours of their planting near the “Shavei Shomron” settlement as well as torched a classroom at the Einabus Basic Boys School, south of Nablus by settlers. They also wrote racist slogans at the place. scores of settlers from the same settlement attacked the homes of citizens in the southern region of the village, and clashes took place between citizens, and settlers and the occupation forces.


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