Mass demonstrations in Gaza as Trump unveils ‘deal of the century’


Thirteen Palestinians have been injured by Israeli forces as thousands demonstrated against the US president’s so-called peace plan in the occupied West Bank.

Protesters walked through the streets of Gaza city, chanted slogans to show their rejection to the deal. They lifted banners such as “The one who doesn’t own [USA], grants who doesn’t deserve [Israel],” and “The deal of shame shall not pass.”

One person was taken to the hospital after being hit with a rubber bullet in the city of Ramallah and 12 others suffered exposure to tear gas.

“What is happening today represents a new catastrophe for the Palestinian people, and dual American-Israeli aggression against Palestine which aims at liquidating of the Palestinian issue in favor of the Israeli entity,” said the spokesperson of Hamas Fouzy Barhoum.

Information Commissioner of Fatah, Munther Al-Hayek, called on the Palestinian people to ” to be present to announce the days of anger before the world.”

“Trump can’t guarantee his political future neither can he prepare Netanyahu’s winning in the elections through declaring the deal of the century,” said Ahmed Almdalal, Leader of Islamic Jihad Movement, who added that the Palestinian people “will not let the plot of the deal of the century pass, as this land is ours and Jerusalem is ours, thus, it will not pass but only over our dead bodies.”

Palestinians have denounced Trump’s so-called ‘deal of the century’ to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas calling on all Palestinian factions for a meeting on Tuesday to coordinate a unified action.

Trump unveiled his set of proposals for the Middle East peace process in a joint statement with Israel Prime Minister in Washington DC on Tuesday.

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