Hebron: Israel to seize wide lands for settlement expansion

PNN/ Hebron/

Israeli occupation authorities today issued a decision to seize agricultural lands in northern Hebron in order to expand a structural plan for a  settlement.

Head of the Wall and Colonies Resistance Committee, Hassan Breijieh, said that he received today, Tuesday, a plan that includes the expansion of the borders of the “Asfar” settlement on the lands of the towns of Sa’ir and Al-Shyoukh, north of Hebron, adjacent to the villages of Rashaideh, Minya, Kisan, east of Bethlehem, and Beit Fajjar in the south.

He explained that this decision aims to seize the lands and agricultural fields located in basin (No. 8) at the “View Councils” site in the town of Al-Shuyukh, and basin No. (20) from the “Al-Wasilah” and “Qanan Fakout” sites, from Sa’ir lands, in favor of expanding The mentioned settlement.

Breijieh indicated that the scheme may take away dozens of acres from the lands of the two towns cultivated with olives and almonds.

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