Report: Deal of the century is in favor of Trump and Netanyahu

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Israeli Channel 12 in a report today said that the announcement of the US peace plan, known as the “Deal of the Century” at this particular time, is in the interest of both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump and will not achieve peace for the Palestinian side.

The channel added in a report that the Israeli side “got acquainted with the most prominent terms and points of the American deal before the Israeli elections in April 2019, but what is new is that it may cause a split between Netanyahu and his right-wing partners on the one hand, and it may cause the joining of Benny Gantz, the leader of Blue-White party to the Israeli unity government on the other hand.”

The report emphasized that “from the first moment, President Trump seemed to be encouraged by the victory of Netanyahu in the Israeli elections, so that David Friedman, the American ambassador in Tel Aviv, did not hesitate to say that between the two leaders, Netanyahu and Trump, there is an ideological partnership.”

According to the report as well, the deal would cancel the Green Line, annex West Bank settlements and the Jordan Valley, and declare to adhere to Jerusalem as a whole, and all of this would happen at the height of a fierce Israeli election campaign.”

In addition, it said that “Netanyahu was briefed on Trump’s deal, and he knew that annexation of the valley is contained in its details, while the Americans know very well that announcing the deal of the century will be one of Trump’s cards in his upcoming election campaign to obtain the support of evangelical Christians in favor of granting Trump a second presidential term in the White House.”

Last Thursday, the White House announced that Trump would host Netanyahu and leader of the “Blue and White” coalition, Benny Gantz, on Tuesday.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly declared during the past two years the Palestinians’ rejection of the “deal of the century”, because it takes Jerusalem, refugees and borders from the negotiating table.