Children subjected to isolation and stripping in Damon detention center

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In a report issued this today, the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners’ Affairs Commission monitored the testimony of the minor prisoner, Khalil Jabareen, one of the young prisoners who were transferred to the “Damon” prison in Haifa recently, and was returned last Wednesday to “Ofer” in Ramallah.

Two weeks ago, the IPS relocated 34 Palestinian minor prisoners to Damoun prison without any of their adult overseers.

The boy, Jabareen, testified, “The conditions are catastrophic in Al-Damon detention camp and they are absolutely not suitable for human life.” He said.

Jabareen said that after their arrival in the prison, the prison administration offered them to choose representatives from the minor prisoners to be responsible for the rest of them and manage their daily issues, but they rejected the idea.

“The administration of the detention camp repressed all the young prisoners who declared a state of disobedience in the face of the prison in response to the deplorable conditions in the prison and in protest against their relocation without their adult representatives and overseers,” he added. “They transferred four of them to the solitary confinement cells in the detainees.”

Jabareen was one of the prisoners who were arbitrarily transferred, on the pretext of practicing incitement among the minor prisoners.

Jabareen added that “many of the Juvenile prisoners who were transferred to the Damon announced an open hunger strike in protest against the tragic conditions in the detention center, especially without the administrative committees responsible for them.

Among the strikers was prisoner Riyad al-Amor, who was forced to suspended his strike after the prison administration forced him into the cells and forced him to undress, and threatened to keep him without clothes in the event he did not suspend his strike.

The commission pointed out that the occupation authorities stepped up in the last period their fierce attack against Palestinian children, violating the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and the basic principles of human rights, and demanded in its report the international community and human rights institutions to intervene immediately and urgently to stop the policy of abuse committed against minors in light of their scandalous exclusion by the prison administration and its repressive forces.

There are currently 5,000 political prisoners in Israeli jails, 458 of whom are administrative detainees, 41 Female prisoners and 185 Child prisoners, (24 of them under the age of 16).

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