IOF arrest guard of Al-Aqsa mosque as settlers break in

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Tuesday morning arrested a guard of Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem while settlers entered the mosque under heavy protection by the soldiers.

According to local sources, the Israeli police stormed Al-Aqsa courtyards this morning and arrested the Al-Aqsa mosque guard, Fadi Alayyan, from the courtyards of the mosque.

In the same context, dozens of settlers, headed by the extremist Yehuda Glick, stormed the blessed Al-Aqsa courtyards.

Eyewitnesses stated that settlers stormed the mosque from the side of the Mugrabi Gate, and carried out provocative tours inside its courtyards, before they left it from the Bab al-Silsila chain.