Hebron: Clashes break out on day of mass strike against settlements

PNN/ Hebron/

Clashes broke out in Hebron today amidst mass strike announced by Palestinian National Liberation Movement “Fatah”, to condemn the Israeli settlement attacks targeting Hebron city and its old town.

“Fatah” movement confirmed that targeting Hebron, permitting the Ibramini mosque sanctuary and seizing lands in the north and south of the governorate, and in Musafir Yatta, and the ongoing raids and seizures in all areas of the governorate, demonstrate that there is a political decision by the far-right government to attack Hebron, and to Judaize the Old City, Completing the Judaization scheme and trying to change historical facts on the ground.

Fatah stressed that it will work with every possible effort to stop the Judaic occupation measures in Hebron and the rest of the lands of the State of Palestine, in fulfillment of the blood of the martyrs and the struggles of our people, and its right to self-determination over its historical land.