Palestine’s ambassador to UK hails Labour’s vow to end arms sales to Israel

The Palestine Liberation Organisation’s Ambassador to the UK, Husam Zomlot, hailed the pledge made by the UK’s Labour Party to suspend arms sales to Israel, describing it as a “historical” step.

On Thursday, the Labour Party issued its manifesto in which it pledges to halt arms sales to Israel and Saudi Arabia. Labour vowed to “conduct a root-and-branch reform of our arms exports regime so ministers can never again turn a blind eye to British-made weapons being used to target innocent civilians.”

In relation to the Palestinians, the party promises to “reform the international rules-based order to secure justice and accountability for breaches of human rights and international law, such as the illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip.”

The manifesto and relevant excerpt from the Labour Party's website
The manifesto and relevant excerpt from the Labour Party’s website


Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has been criticized in the past for his approach to UK foreign policy in the Middle East. Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats, the third largest UK party after the Conservatives and Labour, pledged in its own manifesto to recognize the state of Palestine if it won the elections.

Zomlot described this as a “historic” decision and affirmed that it is showing the development of support for the Palestinian cause in the UK. The ambassador thanked Labour and the Lib-Dems and called for all the British parties to take the same measures in support of the rights of the Palestinians. He further stated that “this is an important step towards providing international protection to our people from the flagrant and daily violations of the occupation state.”