Gaza suffers 3 million dollars in damage due to Israeli attacks in 2019

This year alone, the damage dealt by Israeli strikes and bombings in Gaza amounts to at least 3 million USD, as stated by the Media Office in the Strip.

The brunt of the damage is borne by approximately 500 housing units that were partially, severely or completely destroyed with an estimated total value of about 2 million USD. In addition to this, damage to land, farms, irrigation systems and fishing boats amounts to an agricultural loss of some one million shekels (0.29 USD).

12 commercial establishments were damaged, costing about 300 000 shekels (86 311 USD) in repair, and the losses in transport and communication account for more than 200 000 shekels (57 540 USD). The total losses in infrastructure, such as water and sewage pipes, electricity lines and roads, is responsible for another one million shekels.

Government buildings and institutions, including some 15 schools, 2 education directorates and a security headquarters, were also partially damaged at a value of 100 000 shekels (34 750 USD).

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