Protesters gather on Hebron Road to prepare for the demonstration

Demonstration in Bethlehem in support of Gaza martyrs

Almost two hundred people gathered today to show solidarity with the Palestinians who were killed in Gaza during the missile exchange of the last two days.

The protesters met up in front of the Institute Ephpheta Paul VI on Hebron Road, Bethlehem, where they took some time to talk to the press and discuss the goal and purpose of the demonstration. With this action, so it was stated, they wished to honor and commemorate the ‘martyrs’ who were killed in the missile crossfire in Gaza this week. Some time after noon, they gathered up their flags and marched in the direction of Rachel’s Tomb, chanting and making themselves heard as they went.

Having arrived at the wall, they were confronted with a detachment of Israeli soldiers who were waiting for them, so a small skirmish erupted. No one was killed or severely injured, but the IOF did use teargas to keep the protesters at bay and drive them apart. Traffic in the area has been hugely disrupted all afternoon and locals have been advised to avoid the crossing of Manger Street and Hebron Road.

This morning, a ceasefire was agreed upon by Israel and the Islamic Jihad in Gaza mediated by Egypt. This concluded a 48-hour period of missile fire between Gaza en southern Israel. In total, over 400 rockets have been fired into Israel and at least 34 Palestinians have been killed in the insuing onslaught.

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