At least 12 Palestinians killed in Israeli fire on Gaza

PNN/ Gaza/

Since the assassination of Palestinian Jihad commander Bahaa Abu al-Ata and his wife in Gaza was announced yesterday, at least 12 Palestinians were killed in the onslaught following the murder.
Five more were also reportedly killed in two recent attacks.

An estimated 200 missiles have already been fired from Gaza into southern Israel since the heavy violence erupted, the Israeli army claimed in a report. Meanwhile, several air raids and missile strikes have been launched into Gaza resulting in the killing of least 12 Palestinians. There has been a brief overnight period of quiet, but early this morning the missile exchange continued again.

The Iron Dome defence system has reportedly intercepted many of the rockets entering into Israeli airspace and so far, no Israeli citizens have been killed in the crossfire.

Only 2 Israelis were wounded directly by the missile impacts and several others have been rushed to the hospital for light injuries and signs of trauma.

Hamas itself has decided to refrain from engaging in combat for the time being.

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