Bethlehem: Israeli settlers flood agricultural land with wastewater

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Israeli settlers on Monday flooded agricultural land planted with olives in the village of Al-Jaba’a, southwest of Bethlehem.

According to the head of the village council, Diab Masha’leh, the settlers of Beit Ayin, which was forcibly established on the lands of the village, flooded five dunums of agricultural land planted with olive trees with wastewater, owned by Mohammed Ibrahim Abu Loula.

The flooding was discovered this morning when the owners of the land went to pick their olive trees, as they were prohibited to enter it unless they obtained a special permit from the the occupation authorities.

Masha’leh said the water levels in the land were high and so the owners could not pick their olives in the olive-picking season, in addition to the agricultural damages that will follow.

In a related context, the Israeli occupation authorities notified today, the seizure of 2000 dunums of the land of the village of Al-Jab’a southwest of Bethlehem.

According to Mashaleh, the citizens found this morning notices placed inside their lands while they were harvesting olive trees, including the seizure of land planted with fruit trees and chives, an area of ​​approximately 2000 dunums in the areas of “Al-Khor” and “Valley of the pig” Apartheid from the west to the settlement of Beit Ayin in the east.