IOF kill one Palestinian & its aircraft target Hamas positions in Gaza Strip


A Palestinian civilian was killed and another was wounded at Saturday dawn, 02 November 2019, in an Israeli airstrike in southwestern Khan Younis, as IOF carried out dozens of airstrikes across the Gaza Strip.

Israeli aircraft have launched airstrikes against the positions of the Hamas resistance movement in Khan Yunis and other areas in the besieged Gaza Strip, hours after Israeli troops injured dozens of Palestinians during protests in the coastal enclave.

According to PCHR’s investigations, at approximately 01:37, an Israeli drone fired a missile near Mahmoud Hamzah al-Farah’s 80sqm summer house located on a 1-dunum land in an agricultural area in al-Mawasi, southwest of Khan Younis. Few minutes, later an IOF warplane fired a missile at the house and destroyed it completely causing a huge crater.

As a result, Ahmed Mohammed ‘Abdullah al-Shahri (27) was killed and his body was retrieved from the rubble, while Khamis Ayman Khamis ‘Abdin (24) sustained wounds and bruises in the head, back and hands. ‘Abdin stated to PCHR fieldworker that he and al-Shahri were sleeping at the summer house, which his family looks after, when they were waken up by the sound of an explosion and then a louder one.

He recalls waking up later to find himself in Nasser Hospital sustaining various injuries and then he learnt that his friend was killed. It is noteworthy that there were no armed groups related sites near the targeted area.

This attack was part of a series of airstrikes on 12 military sites and agricultural lands across the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli occupation  military claims the Friday air raids were launched in response to the firing of 10 rockets into the occupied Palestinian territories from Gaza.

Earlier in the day, Israeli forces opened fire on several Palestinian fisherman in the northern part of the strip, shortly after injuring dozens of protesters during a fresh round of the March of Return demonstrations.

According to the Gaza health ministry, 96 Palestinians sustained injuries during the clashes with Israeli soldiers.

During the protests, which were held after Friday prayers on the enclave’s border with the occupied territories, the protesters condemned and chanted slogans against the United Kingdom’s 1917 Balfour Declaration on the 102nd anniversary of its issuance, which resulted in the creation of Israel.

Palestinians in Gaza have been holding weekly rallies as part of the Great March of Return since March 30, 2018, calling for an end to the crippling 11-year-long Israeli blockade on the small coastal sliver.

hey also underline the right of return for the Palestinians who have been driven out of their homeland by the Israeli regime since 1948.

More than 300 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed and some 26,000 injured since the demonstrations began, mostly by Israeli fire during protests but also by air and tank strikes.