PSCC concludes conference on activating popular resistance against the occupation

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The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC) on Friday concluded the Popular Conference for mobilizing popular energies and activating popular resistance against colonialism and apartheid.

The conference took place with participation of heads of popular committees, representatives of PLO,  including fractions, Palestinian Authority, Colonization & Wall Resistance Commission, International Solidarity Movement and the March of Return.

Following the opening, the conference includes workshops, discussion and dialogue sessions on the role and vision of the political forces and popular bodies of the popular resistance, in addition to sessions on international solidarity and the role of the international solidarity committees in promoting the popular resistance locally and internationally and its future vision to achieve the goals of the popular resistance.

The conference included workshops, discussion and dialogue sessions on the role and vision of the political forces and popular bodies in popular resistance, in addition to sessions on the role of international solidarity movements in promoting the popular resistance locally and internationally.

Spokesman for the preparatory committee for the conference, Jamal Juma, stressed that the Popular Resistance Movements and Committees throughout the year 2019 have worked to develop a strategic framework based on the unification of efforts and integration of roles between the official, civil and popular pillars.


Head of the Colonization & Wall Resistance Commission, Walid Assaf said the resistance was aimed at halting Israel’s plans to isolate occupied Jerusalem, divide the West Bank, in addition to halting forced displacement and plans to establish new outposts, in addition to extending Palestinian sovereignty over Area C by all means.

For his part, member of the local BDS campaign, Khaled Mansour stressed the need to commit to the boycott movement against the occupation and its products, in addition to ending normalization in all its forms, and the protection of the national product, calling on the Palestinian producer to provide a Palestinian commodity competing occupation in terms of quality and price.

IOF attack popular protest in the Jordan Valley 

In the same context, one day after the conference, Israeli soldiers and settlers attacked group of local and international activists as they entered a settlement outpost in the Jordan Valley to express their rejection of the settlement plans and the plans of the Israeli government to annex these lands.

Head of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC), Munther Amira told PNN that the activists stormed the settlement outpost on Khallet Hamad Khirbet Al-Faleh in the Jordan Valley and chanted Palestinian national slogans condemning the Israeli occupation and the settlers. Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers detained a number of the participating activists.

Publiée par Salah Khawaja sur Samedi 26 octobre 2019

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