Op. BDS the most dangerous movement on Israeli national security

By: Mahm’d Zaban

The Israeli Occupation State views the BDS as a movement that forms a strategic threat to its national security, extensively triggers the International Public Opinion against it, and works to internationally isolate it throughout the entire world. Thus, Israel uses several means to reduce the BDS effects, including the extreme right-wing organizations in America, where the Hebrew Yediot Aharonot Newspaper quoted senior political forums in Tel Aviv as saying, “Israel is financing some International organizations to encounter the BDS, and to organize events and activities for the benefit of Israel, especially in the EU states through launching media campaigns on the social networks.

At their joint position in Brussels last Sept., the Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs and Internal Security, Gilad Erdan, the US special envoy to monitor and encounter anti-Semitism, Ilan Carr, head of the EU-Jewish Council, Rabbi, Menachem Margolin, urged the EU to take serious steps against any organization supports the BDS, claiming that its activities are racist.

In its bi-weekly report on the boycott affairs, the National Bureau for Defending the Land and Resisting Settlement, said that the international boycott campaigns, especially in the EU countries won’t stop, but step up, despite the Israeli Government, the Zionist lobby and the extreme right-wing parties in the EU countries try to criminalize, prosecute, and enact legislation and laws to punish their supporters, trying to stop their expansion, especially BDS, but in vain.

In Johannesburg, at the Synod Church Council that is held every 3 years, representing the Anglicans societies in South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Angola, and St. Helena, the high commission at the Anglican Church for South Africa (ACSA) unanimously took a resolution to support the BDS’s campaign against Israel until it ends its military occupation in Palestine. Worth mentioning that the resolution stated that “the situation in the Holy Land requires attention of the church being the place where he born and crucified.

On the site of another voter in the German city of Aachen, from the film “Nellie Sachs” for literature worth $ 9,900, where he was due to receive, because of his support for the movement boycott occupation “BDS” .. Achievements for his project “Atlas Group”, which dates back to the civil war In Lebanon lasted from 1989 until 2004.

The BDS has called on the Indian artists to boycott a festival to be held in Israel this month in order to promote the Israeli occupation. The movement requested and expected that the Bolly-wood stars won’t join such event, which supports Apartheid, noting that the list of guests include Indian artists, most notably, Anil Kapoor, Ravina Tandon, and Amisha Pateel.

In Germany, the Palestinian Society supported by other Palestinian unions in the EU, such as, the German-Palestinian Society, and the German-Palestinian Women’s Association managed to win the suitcase filed against the BDS by the Municipality Council, which criminalizes and prohibits its activities. It should be noted that the Society has recruited a number of Rights Organization, especially, the Netherland Transparent Democratic Organization that in charge the International Lawyer Mr. Giovanni Massimo to follow-up the matter, which targets the Germsn and Palestinian activists, besides the way to encounter the German Parliament’s resolution, which criminalizes the BDS, and to topple it.

Moreover, the Aachen City’ authorities decided to deprive the Lebanese artist, Walid Ra’d from the “Nili Zax” literary prize that values US $ 9900, as he is pro the BDS. Noteworthy that Aachen has chosen Ra’d to win the prize for his project “Atlas Group” that dealt with the civil war’s history in Lebanon, which lasted from 1989 to 2004.

The Euromid Observer for Human Rights also condemned the arbitration committee’s resolution of the German Nelly Zachs Literary Prize, to withdraw the prize from the British author, Camilla Shamsi, as she also supports BDS. Shamsi has expressed her disappointment on that, and pointed out the resolution was taken due to her stance on the Israeli PM Netanyahu and his rival, Bani Gantz’s intentions to annex third of the West Bank’s land during their election campaign.

In the United States, the billionaire, the largest financial supporter of Israeli settlement movements, and the Israeli lobby in Washington, Sheldon Adelson has founded a new Jewish-American group named, “Maccabi Labor Commission” to fight the BDS at the American and other universities, especially in the EU, where BDS is increasingly becoming active, adding the group is going to start working beginning of the academic year 2020. Furthermore, the Jewish lobby is pressing to enact new laws in the US that would ban criticism to Israel, and its occupation of the Palestinian territories at university campus.

However, the BDS confirms that the number of colleges that support the Movement in North America has reached 51, stressing the importance of the students’ activity against the Israeli occupation, and praised the American basketball “Trail Trail Blazers” team’s refusal to sponsor the “Leopold and Sniffens Co.”, which provides the Israeli occupation army with military supplies.

On the Arab level, the Palestinian National Committee for Boycotting Israel – (BDS) condemned the Qatari normalization with the apartheid colonial system, and the Israeli occupation, as it hosts  official Israeli sports teams in its sports tournaments, most recently the World Beach Sports Championship, where an Israeli delegation of 4 players participated in it, preceded by an Israeli delegation that participated in the World Athletics Championships held in Qatar. Moreover, the Bahraini and Arab organizations and institutions against Israel condemned Israeli delegation’s participation in a conference held in Bahrain to protect navigation in the Gulf.

The Palestinian National Committee for Boycotting Israel – Palestinian BDS, international leadership of BDS, the Moroccan Boycott Movement – Morocco BDS, the Moroccan Coalition of Human Rights, and Coordinating Maghreb Human Rights Organizations also condemned the targeting and harassment of human rights activists in Morocco using Israeli espionage technology, developed by NSO.


On the Palestinian level, several forces and civil society organizations condemned the government’s decision to import olives from Israel. They also condemned the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture’s statements to import about 2000 tons of Israeli olives intended for pickle under the pretext of meeting needs of the Palestinian market of such olives. It should be noted that, these organization have called for boycotting all kinds of Israeli olives, and supporting the Palestinian local product, and developing it so that it can meet the need of  the market.

On the Israeli level, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri threatened to to prevent Omar Barghothi from staying in Israel, accusing him of doing his best to harm Israel, and therefore should not have the right to stay in Acre and his two sons, saying he is one of the founders of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions BDS. Adding that Barghothi was recently barred from entering Britain and the United States due to the Israeli incitement against him, where he was supposed to participate in conferences. Moreover, Barghothi was prevented from joining his daughter’s wedding ceremony in Washington months ago.

The Hebrew press, including the Yediot Aharonot revealed that senior political sources in Tel Aviv that Israel is providing financial assistance to international right-wing organizations operating against the BDS movement through the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, which provided NIS 5.7 million to organize activities in favor of Israel, campaigns via the social media.  Adding that NIS 3,000,000 will also be granted by Israel to organize pro-Israel field activities, as well as NIS 2.7 million, which will be provided to organizations and activists on the social media networks to organize campaigns against the de-legitimizing Israel, and the boycott movement in the countries, where the BDS is active.