Israeli settlers vandalize Palestinian property in West Bank


A group of Israeli settlers has vandalized Palestinian-owned property in the occupied West Bank.

According to a local sources, dozens of extremist Israeli settlers damaged several cars and sprayed racist graffiti on them as well as on the walls of Palestinian-owned buildings in Marda Village, north of Salfit, in the West Bank, adjacent to the Israeli settlement of Ariel, early on Sunday.

It added that Israeli settlers also punctured the tires of at least five Palestinian cars.

Back in April, Israeli settlers committed similar crimes in Beit Hanina neighborhood in East Jerusalem al-Quds. They also broke the windows of a number of private vehicles.

The acts of vandalism and violence by Israeli settlers against Palestinians are known as “price tag” attacks, which also target Muslim holy sites.

Palestinian activists and rights groups say Israel is fostering a “culture of impunity” for the Israelis who commit such violent acts against Palestinians.

The Israeli NGO B’Tselem says settler vandalism in the occupied West Bank is a daily routine and is fully supported by Israeli authorities.