Gaza’s industry and economy shattered by Israeli siege

Palestinian MP Jamal Al-Khodari said Friday that 100 per cent of Gaza factories have been completely or at least partially destroyed and put out of business due to the Israeli siege and repeated aggressions that have been going on for the last 12 years.

In his statement, Al-Khodari clarified that hundreds of shops and factory units have shut down over the last years, pushing the povery rate to 85% and the unemployment rate to a staggering 60%. In a previous statement, the MP, who is also the head of the Popular Committee against the Siege on Gaza, explained that about 3500 factories had already closed their books because of the continuous violence.

The Israeli occupation is still imposing restrictions on Gazan imports and exports and according to Al-Khodari, who was also an academic and a businessman, the direct loss to Gaza’s economy because of these measures amounts to about $ 70 million each month. He concluded his statement by calling on the world to put pressure on the Israeli occupation in order to lift the siege. This would be the solution to ending the suffering of the Gazan citizens.

Worst humanitarian situation since 2007

According to a report published early last month by the Gaza Aid Association in Istanbul, the situation in Gaza is currently “the worst over the years of siege”. Additionally, the blockaded strip has registered the highest tragic humanitarian figures in the world.

The numbers in said report marked an unemployment rate of 52% (now 60%), a poverty rate of 53% (now 85%), a water pollution rate of 95% and a daily power outage rate of approximately 75%.

Furthermore, the rate of medicine shortage touches 50%, the lack of medical supplies is 27% and the amount of homes destroyed or damaged by Israeli assaults reaches as high as 77%, leaving thousands of families homeless or displaced. With these numbers still on the rise, the UN estimates that by 2020, the Gaza Strip will no longer be liveable.

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