Two minors sent to administrative detention in Megiddo prison

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Israeli Occupation Authorities have transferred minors Nidal Amer and Hafez Zyoud, both aged 17, from Jenin, to administrative detention, the Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-prisoners’ Affairs Commission said Tuesday.

The Authority said that the Israeli authorities had arrested Nidal Amer at the end of last year when he was issued an administrative detention order for 6 months. Two days before the end of the six months, IOA renewed the administrative detention for six more months.

Hafez Zeyoud was arrested last month and given an administrative detention order for four months. Both prisoners are currently in the juvenile section in Megiddo prison.

The commission warned that the Israeli authorities continue to impose arbitrary administrative detention orders against the Palestinian people, without any justification, pointing out that the number of administrative detainees currently in prison amounted to (500) detainees, including 6 prisoners who are on an open hunger strike to protest their conditions.

The commission added that there are three female prisoners in administrative detention, namely Shurooq al-Badan, Alaa al-Bashir and Hiba al-Labadi, who were recently issued with an administrative detention order for five months.

The Commission called for intensifying legal efforts to end this unjust detention, which affected all segments of the Palestinian society, including deputies, children, women and patients.

On Monday, the Israeli occupation authorities issued and renewed administrative detention orders for 101 Palestinian prisoners.