The mother and father of Nasim Abu Rumi give him the last greeting

Israel returns body of slain child withheld since August

PNN/ Jerusalem

Hundreds of Palestinians on Saturday mourned the death of  of the martyr Naseem Abu Rumi (14 years), in the town of Eizariya southeast of occupied Jerusalem, after the Israeli authorities returned his body on Friday.

The child was shot dead by the Israeli occupation police on August 15 at the gate of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem under the pretext of a stabbing attempt.

The funeral procession was launched from the family home of the martyr, where mourners carried him on their shoulders in the streets of the town, shouting slogans condemning the occupation crimes.

The Palestinian factions in Al-Eizariya declared mourning for the martyr and the shops were closed.

At the same time, Palestinians on Friday also held the funeral of martyr Omar Younis (20), who was killed by the occupation bullets at Zaatara military checkpoint south of Nablus on April 27.

The Israeli authorities, on Friday, handed over the bodies of the two martyrs, “Younis” from Seneria east of Qalqilya, through the “Eliyahu” military checkpoint, and the child Abu Rumi from Jerusalem, months after their detention in refrigerators.

According to the “National Campaign” to recover the bodies of martyrs, Israeli occupation authorities are still holding the bodies of 253 martyrs in the “numbers cemeteries”, and 45 bodies in the refrigerators.

The occupation authorities have been using this policy for many years, in an attempt to use this file as a pressure card on the Palestinian Authority.