Palestine to host first International Conference on Entrepreneurship in Bethlehem

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Under the name “3E” Palestine will host the first of its kind international conference on empowering the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Palestine. The conference is being organized by the Global Shapers Hubs in Palestine, a community of the World Economic Forum, in partnership with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship & Empowerment and in cooperation with Hubert Burda Media in Germany.

The conference will bring together for the first time in the West Bank city of Bethlehem Palestinian entrepreneurs, startup companies, technology companies and business entities from finance to technology with 200 high-powered CEOs of technology companies, entrepreneurs, and experts from Germany and Europe. A senior delegation from the world Economic Forum will be joining this event, including prominent CEOs from companies like Orange, Dell and other technology entities from Europe.

Mr. Usama Sadawi, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Empowerment said: “This conference is a watershed event for Palestine and will be an opportunity to showcase the entrepreneurial spirit of the youth of Palestine in front of an important delegation of European investors and technology firms. As the minister entrusted with empowering the ecosystem for entrepreneurship in Palestine, I’m confident that this conference will serve as a launching pad for the ministry’s strategy. We have spent the last months engaging stakeholders and entrepreneurs, and this conference being organized by Global Shapers and entrepreneurs is the best kick-off for the work of our ministry. We work for entrepreneurs and with entrepreneurs; that is our motto for the long term”.

The Global Shapers community in Palestine is comprised of 50 young members spread across 4 hubs in East Jerusalem, Gaza, Ramallah and Nablus. All are active members of change in their respective community. “We took on this challenge to organize this international entrepreneurial conference because we felt that the voices of startups in Palestine are not heard, and we rarely have important investors and technology companies paying attention to Palestine. This conference brings- for the first time- serious international companies to our own start up backyard. We are confident that investors and global companies will be impressed by what they shall see and hear”, said Amani Abu Tair, founder of WAZZA Inc. and a member of the shapers community organizing this conference.

“We are thankful for the support the Global Shapers received from the Prime Minister of Palestine, the Palestinian Government, the Minister of Entrepreneurship & Empowerment, the Global Shapers leadership at the World Economic Forum, the Hubert Burda Media Group in Germany, the World Bank Group, from the Palestinian Private sector and above all from the entrepreneurs of Palestine”, said Rateb Rabi, Curator of the East Jerusalem Hub for the Shapers.

Hubert Burda Media is one of Germany’s most renowned publishing houses and home to more than 250 premium brands such as InStyle, ELLE, Bunte, Focus, Harper’s Bazaar, and Xing. “We, as Hubert Burda Media, are excited to contribute to this conference hosted by the Palestinian government and the Global Shapers. We have invited our network of European technology companies and investors to come to Bethlehem to attend this networking conference. We look forward to learning more about the Palestinian entrepreneurial ecosystem and to connect it more closely with the European digital and technology landscape”, said Steffi Czerny, General Manager at Hubert Burda Media.

The Global Shapers Community is a grassroots network of young people under 30, driving dialogue, action and new opportunities. Currently the community consists of more than 8,400 shapers in 403 hubs across 154 countries and counts around 2,000 alumni. Members are chosen based on their innovative skills, desire for extraordinary achievements and creativity. Global Shapers Community is an initiative of the World Economic Forum and operates from Geneva.

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