The Public Prosecution announces Investigation result of the victim Isra Ghrayeb case


The Attorney General has announced the investigation results of the victim Isra Ghrayeb case during a press conference, which held today Thursday in the headquarter of Ministry of Information.

The Attorney General has begun the conference by asserting on the confidentiality of the investigation proceedings in any criminal case initiated by the Public Prosecution, under its legal jurisdiction.

Because of the local, regional, and international interest of Isra Ghrayeb case, it became necessary to declare the circumstances of this penal case. In the same context, the Attorney General has illustrated that the Public Prosecution has not by no mean forbidden media from publishing on the case, as it is consider a key element in building the Palestinian independent state, which believe that freedom of expression/ speech guaranteed by law.

The Attorney General has presented what has been proven through the investigation and the evidence collected by the Public Prosecution, as following:

• Invalidity of the allegation claiming that the victim has fallen from her house’s balcony. This allegation has been fabricated and circulated by one of accusers to mislead the investigation, hide the crimes’ circumstances, and justify the physical injuries of the victim due to beating her before admission to the hospital.

• The victim’s first admission to the hospital is because she faced a domestic violence, which resulted several physical injuries. However, the victim has not stated to the Police the actual reasons of these injuries, instead she said they are due to falling from the balcony, without mentioning any assault/ violence.

• The video clip on the social media in which the late was screaming inside Beit Jala Hospital is actually produced by merging two separate clips with a time difference of more than seven hours between each. The original clips were obtained and analyzed and we were able to hear what the person who filmed and recorded the clip was saying.

• The victim was subjected to a series of psychological pressures and physical violence, not to mention to acts of conjuring and illusions by some members of her family, which aggravated her mental state and health over successive periods of time.

• The forensic medical report which the Public Prosecution received on 10th Sep. 2019 prepared by the specialized Physician after receiving the results of the toxicology screen from the Criminal Evidence Laboratories of the Public Security Directorate, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on 4th Sep. 2019, and having read the microanatomy results by the Pathology Specialist, the cause of death of the late Israa Ghrayeb is due to severe respiratory failure as a result of Pneumothorax (collection of air in the pleural space between the lung and the chest wall), and the subcutaneous tissue due to the complications of multiple injuries the victim sustained which confirms the torture and abuse she was subjected to which led to her death and this constitutes the elements of the murder.

• Accordingly, and according to the proved evidence in the case file, the indictments were read out to three defendants, namely (M. S.), (B. G.) and (A. G) for murder under Article 330 of the Penal Code No. (16) Of 1960, known as beating to death.

.They are arrested, detained and questioned on the charges attributed to them. The file will be referred to the court so they will be tried according to the law and rules ensuring the fair trial. The Attorney General concluded the Press Conference by emphasizing that the Public Prosecution will always remain the guardian of criminal justice and will always ensure freedoms and rights as well as protect the public right by prosecuting all offences and perpetrators under expeditious and professional procedures by bringing them before justice.

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