PLO calls on UN member states to support UNRWA and its mandate

PNN/ Ramallah/

Secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee, Dr. Saeb Erekat, on Monday said it was time for UN member states to assume their legal and political responsibilities to implement UN resolutions and find a just and lasting political solution for the Palestinian issue, which has been on the agenda of the UN for 71 years.

To his part, head of the PLO’s Refugee Affairs Department,  Ahmad Abu Houli called on countries to think strategically and seriously to support UNRWA’s three-year budget and make it more stable in light of the challenges.

This came during a meeting held by Erekat and Abu Houli with international diplomats in the context of the meetings of the 74th session of the General Assembly next week in New York, and in the context of supporting the political and financial mobilization of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees (UNRWA).

At the outset of the meeting, Erekat recalled the resolutions of the United Nations taken in recent years, noting the failure to implement the mandate provided for in the resolution on the issuance of the database on settlements operating in settlements and the non-implementation of Security Council resolution 2334 not only with regard to the cessation of all settlement activities, but also transer of Israeli settlers to occupied territory, cessation of terrorist acts against civilians and all provocative acts, incitement, demolition, forced displacement, etc.

No measures have been taken to provide mechanisms to implement the UN General Assembly resolution providing international protection Failure to implement the recommendations of the Human Rights Council resolution on accountability in the context of the Great Return marches, the adoption of effective measures within a specified time frame, the lifting of the siege on the Gaza Strip and making it viable, and the failure of Israel to be held accountable for ending the TIPH mission; The Trump administration, Guatemala, Honduras and Naor have not been held accountable for violating United Nations resolutions.

Erekat focused on the responsibility of states to declare a clear position on the policies and violations of the occupation, in particular the illegal annexation, explaining its repercussions on the vision of the two-state solution, and on the international system as a whole, and the need to take joint and collective international positions in condemning and rejecting the practices of the occupation authority on the land of Palestine, including Jerusalem. Oriental, the implementation of mechanisms of accountability to Israel, the occupying Power, the provision of urgent international protection.

In the same context, Erekat stressed that the practices of the US administration target the international system and its multilateral organizations, providing UNRWA as one of the most prominent examples, considering that the attack on UNRWA is an attack and an attack on the entire international system, the destruction of international law and the imposition of unilateralism and the logic of force and domination as a substitute.

Erekat stressed that accountability is a tool of justice without which peace cannot be achieved. “Unfortunately, accountability applies only to the Palestinian people under occupation, from imposing sanctions on institutions, suspension of financial support for some schools, and the labeling of martyrs and prisoners as terrorism. It has gone beyond the limits of Israeli incitement to the point of cutting off US funds and freezing other funds from UNRWA. ”

Erekat called on countries to invest in the General Assembly sessions to clarify their indebted positions to settle in their speeches and translate them by lifting the immunity from Israel and holding it accountable for its occupation which turned into colonialism after 52 years, its settlement project and its related infrastructure, racist laws, and reviewing the relations and joint agreements between their countries and Israel. And the inclusion of the latter on the list of countries that violate human rights and the rights of children, and to hold accountable all countries that move their embassies to Jerusalem and violate international law and impose sanctions on them, and sever political, commercial and diplomatic relations with them.

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