Bassam Sayeh (46), on Sunday died in Israeli jail due to medical negligence. Israel is still holding his body.

Israeli Supreme Court green-lights withholding bodies of Palestinian martyrs

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli High Court on Monday gave the Israeli military green-light to keep bodies of Palestinians killed by Israelis  according to the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center (JLAC).

It said an expanded High Court hearing of seven judges ruled 4 to 3 in favor of giving the military governor the power to withhold bodies of dead Palestinians and bury them for a period of time and use them in the future as a bargaining chip.

The court said that Israeli emergency regulations permit the Israeli military to order the interim burial of bodies designated as deceased enemies, based on considerations that take into account state security, civil order, and the need to negotiate for the return of the bodies of Israeli soldiers, according to Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel..

The new ruling overturns an earlier decision by a regular High Court which said the military ruler does not have the power to keep the bodies of the dead Palestinians.

The Prisoners and Ex-prisoner Affairs commission said that the aim of this unjust decision comes with the intention of the Israeli judiciary to negotiate and bargain with the Palestinian organizations in Gaza, to release Israeli soldiers claimed by the occupation that they are being held in the Gaza Strip.

It noted that the decision was taken today to support the majority of the so-called “Israeli Supreme Court” judges, in a clear coherence between the Israeli judicial system and the military apparatus of art to issue extremist laws and decisions against Palestinians.

The Prisoners Association considered that the issuance of this decision is a retaliatory measure against the martyrs and punished after their death, in violation of all international conventions and human rights norms.