Palestine Solidarity Campaign condemns Netanyahu London visit and calls emergency protest

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Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) condemns visit and calls on UK to hold Israel to account for its ongoing violations of international law and human rights.

Campaigners respond to last-minute announcement that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is meeting Boris Johnson on Thursday

Campaigners have responded to the announcement on Wednesday evening that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to meet with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London today, Thursday 5th September.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign have condemned this last-minute announcement and in response have called an emergency protest outside Downing Street at midday, in collaboration with Friends of Al Aqsa and Stop the War Coalition, under the slogan “Netanyahu not welcome here”.

Campaigners are drawing attention to the ongoing dispossession, denial of rights and violence suffered by the Palestinian people, and are calling on the UK Government to hold the Israeli government to account for its ongoing violations of international law.

This visit comes just months after the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Gaza protests found evidence indicating that Israeli forces fired on Palestinian protestors unlawfully, using force that may have constituted war crimes or crimes against humanity, including against journalists, medics, children and the disabled.

· An emergency protest has been called by PSC, Friends of Al Aqsa and Stop the War Coalition outside Downing Street at midday under the banner “Netanyahu not welcome here”

Just earlier this week, hundreds of campaigners took action outside the venue of the world’s largest arms fair – DSEI – taking place in London next week. Activists were protesting the UK’s trade in arms with Israel and the fact that Israel has appeared for the first time on the Department of International Trade’s list of official invitees for DSEI, despite the UN’s accusations against Israeli forces of potential war crimes. The RAF is also currently, for the first time in history, engaged in a joint exercise with the Israeli Air force.

Israel Air Force Commander Maj.-Gen. Amikam Norkin and the IDF Head of Operations Directorate Maj.-Gen. Aharon Haliva will be joining Netanyahu on the trip.

Ben Jamal, Director of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said: “We will not let a last-minute visit by Benjamin Netanyahu and his military aides go unnoticed. Netanyahu is overseeing unprecedented attacks on the collective rights of the Palestinian people, including the brutal weekly assaults on unarmed Palestinian protesters at the Gaza fence which have resulted in over 300 deaths and over 30000 injuries. Netanyahu’s government has embedded systematic discrimination through laws and policies that meet the legal definition of apartheid.

The UK Government should be taking action against these grave human rights abuses and immediately implementing a 2-way arms embargo, not buddying up to racist war criminals.”