MoE: School demolition threats will never break the will of resistance & education

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Ministry of Education (MoE) in a statement on Monday said that the ongoing Occupation violations against Palestinian educational institutions will not break the will of resistance education, pointing out that the policy of notifying schools of demolition and stopping schools’ construction and confiscating their properties will not discourage our determination from educating generations and raising children with national and humanitarian values.

This comes as IOF handed a demolition threat to Ibzeeq School “Tahaddi 10,” in Tubas, ordering the School to remove the fence surrounding it. This step comes in the context of systematic and continuous attacks against the school, which was previously demolished under false military pretexts.

It also pointed out that targeting this school, in conjunction with the beginning of the school year, reveals Occupation intentions and plans to combat education in Palestine and obstruct children’s access to their schools, denying their right to receive education in a safe and stable learning environment.

The Ministry called on all international human rights, child rights, and media organizations to intervene urgently to expose these violations and put an end to such blatant attacks.

It also called on all countries in the free world to take a clear and firm stand towards this aggression and provide urgent protection for the Palestinian children, especially in the Challenge schools, located in Area C – WB, as well as in Jerusalem and Gaza Strip schools.

It is also worth mentioning that MoE’s past year report on Occupation violations against Palestinian education monitored 3 demolition notifications, 5 confiscations, and 12 stop construction orders.

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