IOF demolsih home and restaurant in Beit Jala town, Bethlehem

PNN/ Beit Jala/

Israeli bulldozers on Monday demolished a house and a restaurant in al-Makhour area northwest of Beit Jala in Bethlehem governorate, under the pretext of building without permits.

According to Hassan Brejiya, head of the Wall and Settlement Resistance Committee in Bethlehem, Israeli occupation forces, called for reinforcement at the entrance of al-Makhour before they began demolishing a restaurant and a house belonging to Ramzi Qaisiyya.

Brejiya condemned the demolition and accused the occupation authorities of emptying the area in favor of expanding the settlement project.

Several weeks ago, settlers set up tents near the area, in a move to build a settlement outpost, he said.

The owner of the demolished property said that IOF last week handed him a notice to demolish the restaurant and the house, and since then they have been suffering and a very difficult life, pointing out that the restaurant has been demolished twice in the past, under the same pretext.

Qaisiyya​​added that the family took out the contents of the house and the restaurant, with the area closed to the entry and exit of citizens.

The Israeli occupation forces prevent Palestinians from building in Area C, which they control under the Oslo II agreement signed between the Palestinian Authority and Israel in 1995. Area C represents 61 percent of the West Bank.

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