The silence of international community encourages the Israeli occupation to commit more war crimes


The Legal and International Advocacy Committee of the National Commission for the Return and Siege Breaking Marches strongly condemns the continuation of the Israeli occupation forces to target the Palestinians participating in the return and siege breaking marches in Gaza Strip for the 71st consecutive Friday, where 23 August 2019″ until 17:00, the Israeli occupation forces deliberately used excessive and lethal force against demonstrators, injuring (122) civilians, (50) of them with live bullets. The injuries included children, women and 3 badged paramedics and journalists.

The Legal and International Advocacy Committee of the Supreme National Commission for the Return and Siege Breaking Marches affirms that the return marches and the popular activities that were and still maintaining their peaceful approach, which the Israeli occupation forces faced using deadly force, demonstrating the Israeli arrogance and contempt for the international law system human and peoples’ rights, the Committee also salutes the tens of thousands of participants, who participated in the march and promise them to work hard to expose Israeli crimes, and reiterates its warning to the Israeli occupation forces and their military forces from the continuation of targeting civilian and holds them the legal responsibility for this.

Therefore, the Legal and International Advocacy Committee calls for the implementation of the recommendations in the report of the international commission of inquiry, which was adopted at the 40th Session of the Human Rights Council. The Committee also demands the Palestinian leadership to refer the crimes of the occupation against the demonstrators and all files to the Permanent International Criminal Court, under article 14 of the Rome Charter, and not only to refer the file of settlements, which would ensure that the Israeli criminals will be held accountable.

The Legal and International Advocacy Committee calls upon the United Nations and the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Convention to exercise their moral and legal responsibilities and stop the targeting of Palestinian civilians and protect them.

The Legal and International Advocacy Committee reiterating its call upon all categories of the Palestinian society to work for the restoration of national unity on the basis of political partnership, and to formulate a national strategy to confront the deal of the century and the outcomes of the Manama Conference, and other national risks and challenges, and calls upon the Palestinian President and government to immediately begin lifting the punitive and illegal measures imposed on Gaza Strip to confront any attempts to enhance the separation of Gaza Strip from the West Bank, and to work together to develop and implement the return marches on a wide-scale and maximize the political, legal and diplomatic engagement with the Israeli occupation.

The Legal and International Advocacy Committee calls on the international community, the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions and all international organizations to work hard to hold the Israeli occupation accountable and demand lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip and ending the violations against the prisoners in Israeli prisons, colonial settlement crimes, the policy of racial discrimination against the Palestinians in the 1948 territories, the judaization of Jerusalem, and guarantee the Palestinian refugees’ right of return in accordance with Resolution 194.

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