Israeli Occupation bans the Jerusalemite families football tournament

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The occupation authorities, on Sunday evening, banned an annual sports tournament organized and funded by the families of Jerusalem,  under claims from the Minister of “Public Security”, Gilad Erdan claims that this activity is funded by the Palestinian Authority.

This annual event is a way to unite Jerusalemites and gather them around Jerusalem and defend it.

The residents of Jerusalem stressed that the aim of preventing this tournament is to dismantle the Jerusalemite families, adding that the occupation has failed to spread the division among them through its public centers that try to spread its culture, thus, they attempted to prevent the Palestinian national activities even if they are sport or social.

Muntaser Edkaidek,  Executive Manager of Burj Al-Luqluq Social Center Society which is responsible for organizing the league on its only football field in the Old City, said that the occupation is lying even in the decision to prevent the implementation of the tournament. It claims that is the tournament is funded by the Palestinian Authority while it’s funded by the Jerusalemite businessman Munir al-Kalouti who works in Jerusalem.

He added that the society will go to the courts of the occupation to prosecute Minister of Public Security of the occupation, Gilad Erdan, in regards to the suspension of this Jerusalemite social tournament.

“This activity brings the Jerusalemites together and this has provoked the Minister of Public Security. They don’t want us to even practice sports, so we will legally go to the courts for permission to play sports in Jerusalem!”

Edkaidek explained that the Minister of Security for the occupation issued a decision after the decision against the Jerusalemites, and said: “We will organize the Jerusalemite matches everywhere, and that the tournament is held for the third year in a row in which 158Jerusalemite families will participate this year, 128 families participated in the second year and 73 Jerusalemite families In the first year. During that period the tournament has contributed to the reduction of violence among families and established links among them.

He said that Burj Al-Luqluq Social Center Society is the second largest area in the Old City of Jerusalem after the Al-Aqsa Mosque; it is an area of 9 acres which always embraces people from Jerusalem.

In this context, the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Fadi al-Hadmi condemned the decision of the Minister of Internal Security of the occupation, which decided to prevent the implementation of the tournament, and said, “the occupation wages war on Jerusalem and Jerusalemites to undermine our resolve and this does not discourage us from our steadfastness in our land, regardless of arbitrary measures that affect all the Palestinians who live in Jerusalem.”

Said the Minister continued in a press statement, “in the government, we strongly deplore the prohibition of this tournament as it is a family sports activity, by doing so the occupation proved that it is floundering in its decisions and that it is incapable against Jerusalemites.

Nasser Ghaith, Burj Al-Luqluq Head of Board Members, said that the tournament will be held in the end and the management of Burj Al-Luqluqwill continue with measures to overturn the decision of the Minister of Public Security which is full of lies and fabrications against Burj Al-Luqluq.

He explained that what is happening today is a sports activity funded by a Palestinian businessman and it’s held for the third year. Burj Al-Luqluqis the main umbrella for all the families in Jerusalem. There are those who do not like the activities held in Jerusalem within the social and sport movement. The occupation will not succeed in dismantling trust and close relationship among families, and we will not stop our work because of this unfair decision.

For his part, Burj Al-Luqluq lawyer, Ahmed Bseiso, said that the only aim of this tournament is sports, and from a legal point of view, the decision signed by the Minister of Public Security is invalid for several reasons. First of all, it addresses the tournament as an event that is organized under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority as the occupation claims. Moreover, the decision handed out today, 18/08/2019, was signed on the 14th of August, so it was handed out after 4 days and this proves the intention of the occupation.

In the same context, the Jerusalemite citizen Mohammed Ghaith, Abu Tawfiq, said that the occupation is not concerned about the sport tournament itself, but what is disturbing it is the social and family bonding among the families in the Jerusalem tournament, thus, it seeks to prevent the families of Jerusalem from having this harmony.

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