Israeli army “on high alert” after finding stabbed soldier body

PNN/ Hebron/

The Israeli army announced on Thursday that it was on high alert and began large-scale searches at the Gush Etzion settlement bloc west of Bethlehem, as they found the body of an Israeli soldier dumped on the side of a road in the Migdal Oz area of ​​Gush Etzion illegal settlement, southern West Bank.

The 0404 Hebrew website said that the army declared a state of alert for the existence of a major security event and launched large-scale searches in the region.

The soldier’s family reported that they had lost contact with the soldier in the late hours of the night, and the Israeli occupation forces began extensive searches for him until they reported they found body was found lying beside the street, stabbed.

The Shin Bet and the army are now conducting major intelligence operations to monitor the cell that carried out the stabbing operation.

According to Hebrew sources, the soldier is studying at a pre-military religious school.