Report: Israel covering up its crimes  in Wadi Hummus with false promises 

By : Madeeha Araj/ NBPRS/

The National Bureau for Defending Land and Resisting Settlements said in its latest weekly report that  Netanyahu’s demagogic maneuvers  has never stopped , and his recent allegations that follows demolishing homes of the Palestinian citizens in Wadi al-Hummus in Jerusalem are not more than fake promises as the Israeli occupation cabinet misleads the public and international opinions, covers up its crime through giving some Palestinians the right to build in Area C.

This move has a political dimensions, and it is a message that Israel controls the whole Area C.  Moreover, the Cabinet approved a proposal to build 6,000 housing units for settlers in return for 715 new housing units for the Palestinians. Days before the arrival of Jared Kushner, adviser of US President Donald Trump, and responsible for implementing the US “Deal of the Century”, to Israel claiming that his tour is to help solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

On the other hand, many Israeli circles including rabbis, Knesset members and Israeli officials from the ruling right-wing parties openly expressed their intention to prevent the Palestinians from constructing or creating their own State, recalling that the occupied West Bank is a land for the people of Israel and the Israeli law shall be imposed on it, adding that would mean the establishment of a terrorist state among the settlement blocs. “Leaders of the Settlement councils issued statement against the inner Israeli cabinet, in which head of the regional settlement council Benjamin Yerael Gantz said, conducing discussion in the cabinet to approve the Arab construction plans in the area C is very harmful.

Within the context of Judaizing and settlement plans, and during a tour of the settlement “Efrat” in the southern West Bank, PM Netanyahu announced the start of the construction of 1000 settlement units in the Bethlehem Governorate, reiterating that no settler in the West Bank shall be uprooted.  At the same time, the Planning Department of the occupation Jerusalem Municipality is planning to build 2,000 new housing units, a network of roads , public buildings and develop the necessary infrastructure in the “Ramot” settlement in Jerusalem. It added the plan will allow the addition of large housing unit including approving a master plan at the Ramot neighborhood. It also announced approved a new master plan at the Damascus Gate, as well as the establishment of housing, employment and entertainment centers according to its mayor, Moshe Leon.

On the other hand, the Israeli occupation government intends to submit a plan to motivate countries to transfer their embassies to Jerusalem, noting that the plan put forward by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the occupation, “Israel Katz,” dealing with the transfer of embassies as a strategic goal. Kats treated the issue as a top priority in his duties as Minister of Foreign Affairs and will soon submit a proposal to the Israeli government to allocate NIS 50 million to assist the countries that transfer their embassies.

The Planning and Construction Committee affiliated to the Israeli Civil Administration in the West Bank and East Jerusalem promotes the construction of 2,430 settlement units and that 4 settlements will be rebuilt. According to the plan, 354 units will be built in the settlement of Nili, 346 in Bethel settlement, 194 in Ganei Modi’in settlement, 132 in Kfar Adumim settlement, 94 in Beit Hagai settlement, 66 in Efrat settlement, 61 in Allen Shvut settlement, 51 in Shilo settlement, 18 in Maale Adumim settlement, 215 in Asfar settlement, 207 in Bracha settlement, 149 in Ganei Mudan settlement, 168 in the Talmon settlement, 192 in the Kfar Adumim settlement, 98 in the Kiryat Netafim settlement, 94 in Beit Hagai settlement, 94 in the settlement of Michola, 80 in the Yacir settlement, Shima, 66 in Efrat settlement, 61 in Alon Shivut settlement, 51 in Shilo settlement, 29 in the Otniel settlement, 27 in Maskiot settlement, 19 in Baduel and 18 in Ma’ale settlements,and 11 units in the Anav settlement.


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