Ishtayeh: 1145 new permanent teachers and 1,700 new teachers

PNN / Ramallah

Prime Minister Mohammad Ishtayeh said that the government has contacted the Monetary Authority, universities and telecommunications companies to stress the need for all parties to share part of the burden of the financial crisis imposed by the Israeli occupation.

Ishtayeh announced at the start of the Cabinet meeting on Monday in Ramallah that the government is in the process of giving 1145 teachers permanent contracts and employing 1700 teachers new teachers following an agreement between the Ministries of Finance and Education.

He stressed that the academic year will begin on time, and the government will consult  the Union of teachers about how to improve working conditions for teachers, and said: “On their shoulders, building a generation.”

The Prime Minister once again expressed his appreciation to the military, security and civilian staff of teachers, health workers, services and all the employees of the Authority for their steadfastness and patience.

He called on citizens not to use the Eid holiday as an opportunity to buy goods from Israel, but to buy them from Palestinian markets instead to support of national products.

He said: “We asked the security services to take seriously the subject of corrupt and smuggled goods to the Palestinian territories and to impose the most severe sanctions on the perpetrators.”

In the political arena, the Prime Minister said that the occupation authorities are attacking, demolishing and attacking daily our cities and villages in areas A, B and C, and treating all these areas and classifications as Area C, and accordingly we are considering that we will deal with with all the Palestinian areas as areas “A”, and we will do everything possible to strengthen our presence on the whole of our land and prevent the excesses of the occupation.

He stressed that the US administration’s comments on the American plan to deal with the two-state solution and talk about autonomy to ensure Israel’s security are rejected by President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian leadership.

He said: “The Palestinian people have rights to fight for it and bring the whole world together, and international conventions and resolutions confirm this, and no one has the right to deprive our people of their political rights to establish an independent state.”

Finally, the Prime Minister praised the Salman of Saudi Arabia for his support for families of the martyrs and prisoners, and stressed the harmony and continuous communication and coordination with Saudi Arabia and King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, and his appreciation for their continue support of our cause.