Cameraman viciously attacked by IOF while covering Wadi Al-Hummus

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Foreign Press Association in a statement on Sunday said it was deeply concerned by a wanton act of violence by an Israeli “border police officer” against an accredited and clearly identified reporter covering a protest in Wadi al Hummus on Friday, August 2.

61-year-old AP cameraman Eyad Moghrabi was viciously kicked in the shin by a border policeman while covering a protest by Palestinians in Wadi Al-Hummus in the West Bank on Friday, August 2, the FPA said.

“Moghrabi was clearly identified as a press photographer by the PRESS sign on the front and back of his jacket. He had been detained for close to an hour before the protest while the border police verified his credentials. He was kicked while he was filming by the same officer who had earlier detained him. Moghrabi’s leg was bandaged at the hospital,” it added.

Israeli attacks against journalists and media freedoms during the first half of 2019 hit 150 attacks,  according to a report by The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA).

According to MADA, the Israeli attacks were divided into 91 attacks in the West Bank including the occupied city of Jerusalem, and 59 attacks in the Gaza Strip. 55 of the total Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip were considered serious, because most injuries were physical injuries with live bullets and direct gas bombs, in addition to the destruction of the headquarters of two media institutions in the Gaza Strip.

The total number of physical attacks committed by the occupation army against journalists in the West Bank and Gaza was 88, constituting 59% of the total Israeli attacks, while four types of serious attacks (physical injuries, arrests, destruction of institutions and the use of journalists as human shields) reached 72% of all Israeli attacks monitored.

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