PLO Official: Halt the Agreements with Israel is a Sovereign Mattar that shall be carried out Soon


Member of the PLO’s Executive Committee, and member of politbureau of the Democratic Front DFLP, Tayseer Khaled, said in a dialogue at a meeting for the Palestinian leadership held in Ramallah last Thursday on President Abbas’ stance to stop work with the agreements signed with the Israel came following a series of debates and discussions lasted for many weeks and months in the PLO institutions, organizations and Ministries of the Palestinian National Authority in the light of the wide changes of the American and Israeli policy regarding the International Legitimacy resolutions and the signed between the Israelis and the Palestinians, especially after the American administration strategically cooperated with the Government of Israel through recognizing the occupied Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel, denying the right of the return, drying up the UNs’ resources and denying the Palestinian people right to exercise their sovereignty over their territories occupied in the 1967 aggression, as well as dealing with the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem, as disputed areas and/or Judea and Samaria.

Khaled added that the stance announced by the President reaffirms the Palestinian National Council’s decisions at its 23rd session held in Ramallah in April 2018, in which the Council declared that the transitional period stipulated in the Oslo, Cairo and Washington Accords, and their obligations are no longer exist, and called on the Executive Committee to take the necessary measures to take serious steps through the cessation of all kinds of coordination with the Israeli occupation including security, and suspension of recognition of Israel until its recognizes the State of Palestine on the June 4th, 1967’s borders, and the cancellation of annexing East Jerusalem and settlement, besides getting rid of the economic dependency resulted from the Paris Protocol, and boycotting the occupation products.

Khaled also asserted that Abbas stance shall be carried out away from looking for mechanisms that were turned over the past period as tools to delay the resolutions of the National, Central Councils and the Executive Committee’s resolutions on determining the relationship with Israel as a colonial, racist and ethnic cleansing State, especially with regard to the decision to stop security coordination, suspend the recognition of the State of Israel and the decision to boycott Israeli products, which have a national, Arab or foreign alternatives.

Thus, implementing such resolutions need real steps that put the State of Palestine and its organizations on the right track through exercising sovereignty based on their national sources and resolutions of international legitimacy in particular the UNs’ resolution n 19/67 of 2012 and the unanimous resolution of the UN Security Council n 2334 of 2017.