Israeli court gives green light to demolish home in Ara

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The Israeli Magistrate’s Court in Hadera on Monday rejected the appeal filed by the Joulani family of Ara, near Haifa, against the administrative demolition order on their house, and the court refused to freeze the demolition.

The decision came at a time when the Haifa District Committee, on Wednesday, demolished the home of Ibrahim Marzouq from Wadi al-Qasab neighborhood in nearby Ar’ara under the pretext of building without permits.

On Thursday, the Israeli court discussed the Joulani family’s appeal to stop the administrative demolition order and freeze the demolition procedures. Dalia Jabr Joulani, her husband and four children face the risk of displacement and may find themselves homeless at any moment, as a result of the administrative demolition order against their 96-meter family house.

The family was forced to build this house without a permit, because they needed a place to house their family of six. In March 2019, the house was built with the consent of the neighbors and the family moved in. The Joulanis do not accept the Israeli government’s contention that this land was annexed for construction.

The Joulani family were surprised by the administrative demolition order issued against their house on July 11, 2019. They went to a lawyer, who applied for a temporary order from the court to postpone the demolition.

As a consequence of the rejection of the appeal, filed by lawyer Rami Jazmawi, the demolition may be implemented at any time. Dalia Jabr Joulani says, “since we received the court’s decision about our appeal, the Haifa municipality bulldozers could raid us at any moment. Our children are fearful of demolition and displacement and this fear of the unknown is having a damaging psychological effect on them”.

This is the third time in less than a year that homes in Ar’ara and Daher have faced demolition. Additionally, more than 50 homeowners and shops, on both sides of Wadi Ara Street, have been fined. The fine for each house was 300 thousand shekels (85,500 USD), while the shops were fined up to 600 thousand shekels each (171,000 USD). The Israeli authorities told shop owners to demolish their own shops or face an additional fine of 1,500 shekels (430 USD) per day that the shop remains intact.

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