President Abbas: a committee will examine how to cease cooperation with Israel


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said a new committee will examine how to implement the ending of cooperation with Israel, following a decision by PA leaders in Ramallah.

President Abbas said at Palestinian leadership meeting held in Ramallah  following Israel’s demolition of 10 Palestinian buildings in Sur Baher neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem that the leadership decided to stop the agreements signed with Israel and the formation of a committee to implement this decision.

The Palestinian leaders met Thursday to decide on measures against Israel following the demolition of Palestinian homes in the village of Sur Baher, on the outskirts of Jerusalem on Sunday.

The President said: “Our hands have been and are still extended to a just, comprehensive and lasting peace. But this does not mean that we accept the status quo or surrender to the measures of the occupation, adding that:” We will not surrender and we will not coexist with the occupation, nor will we accept the ‘deal of the century.’ Palestine and Jerusalem are not for sale or bargain, They are not a real estate deal in a real estate company.”

He stressed that “there will be no peace, no security, and no stability in our region and the world without our people achieving their rights in full. No matter how much time it takes, the repugnant occupation is going to be defeated and our future state will be independent.”

The President thanked all the friendly and brotherly countries of the world that stand by the Palestinian people and their just cause in international forums.

However, he added, “we want to see practical steps and implementation of United Nations resolutions on the ground, even once.”

He also stressed that the time has come to implement the Cairo 2017 agreement for intra-Palestinian reconciliation mediated by Egypt. “We do not want to return to the tragic results of the Moscow meeting when Hamas refused to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization, which put it in line with Israel and the United States on this matter.

“My hand is extended for reconciliation and it is time to get more serious,” he said.

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