IOF continue to demolish dozens of homes in Wadi Al-Hummus

Jerusalem /PNN/Monjed Jadou –

Israeli Occupation Forces started early this morning its demolitions in Wadi Al-Hummus area in Sur Bahir town, south of Jerusalem, under the pretext of no building permit.

The demolitions started past midnight as hundreds of armed Israeli occupying soldiers and bulldozers stormed the town.

Families threatened with demolitions were woken up and evicted out of their homes.

Journalists on the scene told PNN that large forces of the Israeli occupation army besieged the ten buildings they want to demolish in area, south of the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Photographs taken by Palestinian journalists from the early hours of the morning showed hundreds of soldiers and police at the scene.

#شاهد الاحتلال ينفذ أكبر عملية هدم في واد الحمص بالقدس المحتلة.

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Last night secretary-general of the Palestine liberation organization Dr. Erekat Commented on Israel’s Imminent Plan to Demolish Palestinian Properties occupied East Jerusalem town of Sur Bahir saying that condemn these plans.

Erekat said in statement that PNN received :” We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, Israel’s imminent plan to demolish 10 buildings in the occupied East Jerusalem town of Sur Bahir, which will result in the displacement of three Palestinian families, totaling 17 people, including 9 children.

He dded:” If the planned demolitions take place, Israel’s actions will constitute a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention as well as war crimes pursuant to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Israel’s illegal policies and practices, ranging from home demolitions and forced displacement to the destruction of Palestinian livelihoods, in East Jerusalem and the rest of occupied Palestine, serve one purpose: the preservation and expansion of the Israeli colonial-settlement enterprise at the expense of Palestinian land and people “. Erekat said.

The Palestinians have no recourse, as the Israeli judicial system has repeatedly shown its complicity in Israel’s illegal colonial-settlement enterprise. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the international community to immediately intervene to halt the demolitions in Sur Bahir and hold Israel to account for its repeated violations of international law Erekat statement his statement .

for the last weeks  Palestinians have protested a pending mass demolition plan by Israel against a village located in between East Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank.

Local media cited witnesses as saying that Israeli forces arrived and used tear gas canisters and stun grenades to disperse the protesters.

In June, Israel’s supreme court rejected a petition by the owners to cancel the demolitions. A deadline for the residents to abandon the houses expired on Friday.

“I don’t have any other place to live. I don’t have an alternative,” Reuters cited Ismail Obeideh, a father of six and the owner of one of the houses, as saying.

Obeideh and the other Sur Baher residents, however, say they did not need Israeli permission to build their homes because they had received approvals from the Palestinian Authority, which is tasked with running the West Bank’s affairs.

The United Nations (UN), EU which recognizes Jerusalem as occupied territory, has urged Israel to halt the demolitions.

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