Razan Najjar (21) paramedic killed by Israeli fire during Gaza demonstrations

UK House of Commons condemns killing of Palestinian medics in Gaza by IOF

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The House of Commons released an Early Day Motion (EDM) entitled “Health Workers in Gaza” on the 15th July condemning the killing of Palestinian medics by Israeli occupation forces in the occupied Gaza Strip.

The EDM reads as follows:

This House condemns the killing of healthcare workers in Gaza and in particular the recent killing of Gaza paramedic Mohammed al-Jedaili, the fifth Palestinian health worker to be killed by Israeli forces in just over a year; notes that according to the World Health Organisation more than 750 health workers in Gaza were also injured between 30 March 2018 and 31 May 2019; and calls on the Government to take diplomatic steps to ensure that medical workers in Gaza can perform their humanitarian functions without risk of attack and to request an investigation which complies with international standards of independence, impartiality, promptness, thoroughness, and transparency into those deaths.

The EDM has been signed by 11 members of parliament so far, including 7 Labour Party members, two members of Plaid Cymru, one member of the Liberal Democrats and one Conservative Party member.

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