Prisoner’s Club: Death of Nassar Taqatqa result of torture

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Club released new information on the circumstances of the death of captive Nassar Majid Taqatqa, 31, on Wednesday. They have confirmed that he was martyred as a result of torture.

According to this new information, the prisoner was arrested on 19 June 2019, after special forces stormed his house in the town of Beit Fajjar. He was transferred to Maskubiya interrogation center and then to Jalameh interrogation center. According to his fellow prisoners, his health deteriorated rapidly due to constant investigation.

On 9 July, he was transferred to a cell in the “Ma’abar” section of Megiddo detention center. He was severely beaten by the prison guards and chained to the bed.

Last Thursday, July 11, the administration refused to transfer him to public sections on the pretext that he was being punished. On Sunday, he was transferred to “Maabar” detention center of Megiddo prison on a stretcher, and placed in his room under special control because of his health.

He was later transferred to the hospital in Ramle until his death was announced yesterday morning in the cells of the Nitzan al-Ramla detention camp.

The Prisoner’s Club confirmed that Taqatqa was tortured at Megiddo detention center before his death, and there is preliminary information indicating that he may have suffered fractures in his limbs as a result of torture.

“The Israeli occupation authorities use systematic torture against prisoners, both psychological and physical, and there are hundreds of testimonies of prisoners of torture over decades, all of which are carried out with no regard to the provisions of the laws or international conventions, considering that torture is prohibited,” they stated.

‘Aziz Awaisat, from Jerusalem, was arrested a year ago by the occupation authorities and was also martyred as a result of torture by prison guards.

The Prisoner’s Club called on international human rights organisations to stand by their responsibilities and investigate the circumstances of the martyrdom of Nassar Taqatqa and the dozens of other prisoners, stating that refusing to condemn this crime is to allow the occupation to carry out more crimes of a similar nature.

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