Report: Deliberate disregard for health conditions of prisoners in Israeli jails

PNN/ Ramallah/ Commission of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners’ Affairs

Prisoners, many of whom are wounded, in Israeli jails are suffering from extremely worrying health conditions and their numbers are increasing due to the continued systematic medical violations they are subjected to by the occupation authorities, the Commission of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners’ Affairs said in a report on Wednesday.

The report mentioned mentioned the case of Osman Abu Kharj, 48, from Al-Zababdeh, Jenin, whose condition deteriorated recently and he underwent cardiac catheterization. He has long heart problems and inflammation of the liver due to a contaminated needle used by one of his doctors in jail. Abu Kharj is still in need of serious medical attention. He suffers from epilepsy, high blood sugar and pressure, but Ashkelon detention center is only able to provide him with palliatives.

While the prisoner Na’im Al-Assa from the town of Obeidiya in Bethlehem is in harsh conditions in the Negev detention center, where he has suffered from stomach problems since 2010 due to the abuse he received during his interrogation. He recently underwent medical examinations confirming a rupture in his stomach lining and acute inflammation of the colon but the Negev administration only provided him with painkillers.

The prison administration continues to neglect the health condition of prisoner Bashar Shawana from the town of Silat al-Harthiya, west of Jenin, who suffers from hemorrhoids and permanent bleeding. He is in dire need of surgery but it has been long delayed.

The report also examined the case of female prisoner, Hilwa Hamamra, 26, from the town of Husan in Bethlehem, whose health has recently deteriorated. She complained of severe pain in her abdomen. She went to the detainee’s clinic more than once, but the doctor only gave her an anesthetic cream without any diagnosis or proper treatment.

Hamamra was later transferred to the hospital and found she had an infection which caused her severe pain. It is noteworthy that she was arrested on 18/11/2015 after being shot and seriously injured by the Israeli army. She underwent several surgical operations during which part of the liver, pancreas, spleen and intestines were removed and still needed medical follow-up.

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