Israeli Bulldozers

Israeli bulldozers demolish irrigation pool near Hebron

PNN/ Hebron/

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) demolished a pool used for irrigation in Wadi al-Ghroos, an area close to the illegal Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba, to the east of the occupied southern West Bank city of Hebron on Tuesday.

WAFA News correspondent said a large unit of IOF, accompanied by bulldozers and other heavy machinery, raided the area and demolished the 4500 cubic meter pool owned by local resident Ziad Jaabari. The pool is used for the irrigation of fields and crops, and the pretext for demolition was that it was built in Area C of the occupied West Bank, which is under full Israeli military rule.

The correspondent added that Israeli forces verbally insulted and physically attacked residents, journalists and activists while they were at the scene.

Jaabari said the pool was used to collect rain water in order to use during the summer season to irrigate their farms, expressing fear that without the pool and the water, many crops, in particular tomatoes and cucumbers, may get ruined.

Several houses in the same area have been given notices of demolition by Israeli soldiers for the same reason, which is construction without a the impossible-to-get permit in Area C.

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