ActionAid Palestine celebrates World Youth Skills Day by supporting youth 

 PNN/ Bethlehem /

On 15 July, ActionAid Palestine celebrated the World Youth Skills Day (WYSD) under theme of “Learning to learn for life and work”, emphasizing its commitment towards supporting Palestinian Youth through its different programs in West Bank and Gaza Strip.

This day is designated by the United Nations General Assembly to generate greater awareness around the importance of providing young people with tailored capacity building training and enhancing skills that respond effectively to their needs and priorities.

Through diverse programs, ActionAid provides youth with skills for life that helps young people to become publicly visible, aware of their rights and obligations and active citizens in their respective society. ActionAid develops its interventions to ensure inclusive and equitable quality of formal and informal education that promotes equal lifelong learning opportunities for all.

In addition, ActionAid provides trainings to enhance socio-economic conditions for today’s youth as means of addressing the challenges of unemployment and under employment.  ActionAid contributes to the Implementation of the 2030 agenda of sustainable development goals by ensuring the access of Palestinian youth to vocational and technical skills development, decent work opportunities, entrepreneurship and eliminating gender disparity and increases the economic resilience of the Palestinian communities in Occupied Palestinian Territories. This is aiming to reduce the gap in the mismatch between the skills workers can offer and the skills which are in demand and this is known as structural unemployment.

In addition to the provision of business trainings and employment skills, ActionAid promotes youth economic empowerment by supporting and funding youth internships, apprenticeship and entrepreneurship activities, in addition to establishing small-scale businesses to decrease unemployment rate.

ActionAid contributes to enhancing youth civic and democratic participation by offering them trainings that aim to prepare them to work in civil society organizations serving their communities through its programmes and particularly Global Platform Palestine; which is the youth hub and training center supports enhancing the life and job skills of Palestinian youth in partnership with a number of youth grassroot organizations.

In 2018, ActionAid reached some 2500 young persons across West Bank and Gaza Strip. It is worth noting that 60% of young people trained are young women between 18-29 years old.

ActionAid Palestine Country Director, Ibrahim Ibraigheth said: “our trainings target Palestinian youth, particularly young women to influence democratic decision-making spaces to realize their rights in line with International Human Rights Law. We also strengthen the organization of Palestinian youth, particularly young women, around a collective vision for an alternative future and increase their engagement and representation in municipal and governmental organizations. Youth learning and skills development in mobilization and networking are essential pillars to rejuvenate the voluntarism spirit and enhance youth social and political engagement from local to global.”